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I have recently had a very disappointing experience with Crystal Bath Walls in Toronto. It is unfortunate because our project was very small, yet we received the WORST customer service possible. We chose Crystal Bath Walls because of a recommendation from a friend, and were pleased with the initial service. However, at some point they decided that we were not worthwhile customers, either because we were not spending enough money or because, as customers, we had questions and concerns about our product. Personally, I have worked in the customer service industry for many years, and I could never imagine speaking to customers in the way in which we were. This is not only because of my work ethic, but also in fear that the customer would be unhappy and lodge a complaint against the company or myself. In addition, since when are customers not allowed to question their investment? Either way it was deplorable the way we were treated. We ordered a custom-made bathroom vanity and required Crystal Bath's services for installing our floor. Well, the initial measurement was wrong for the vanity, and apparently, I inconvenienced them when I called to correct it. Alternatively, maybe Crystal Bath does not like to be wrong, and does not have the grace to accept making a mistake. When it came time to install the floor there was major miscommunication. At no point, did this company provide any information regarding the preparation and installation for the floor. We were informed after the fact of the mistakes and held responsible for them. Then the time came for us to receive our bathroom vanity. Not only did they refuse to deliver the vanity to the house, forcing us to take time off work and rent a van, but once we arrived for our product, we were met with condescending insults and rudeness. The owner of the store actually rolled her eyes at me and insinuated that we would not be able to afford the vanity we had already ordered. Although we paid the deposit by personal cheque (which she happily accepted), she informed us, in her shop, that she would not accept a personal cheque again. Regardless of her feelings towards my family, it would have been nice to know that before travelling to the other side of the city, forcing us again, to take more time and rectify the situation. When we were finally leaving with our bathroom vanity, she assured us (although not very convincingly) that everything was included in the package. This aspect of the project took place around the beginning of November. Once we installed the vanity, we became aware that we were missing a knob for a drawer and a glass shelf for our display tower. I promptly called Crystal Bath and left a message. No response. I called again the next week. No response. Finally, today I got a response and was informed that they were on vacation this entire time. When I asked if she received my message, she said yes but made no indication that she was intending on calling me back. Now I am left to believe that she will actually email the manufacturer and have our missing pieces mailed to us. In my experience, when shop owners are going to be away for an extended period of time, they change their voicemail greetings so their customers are aware of it. So this is where we are at now, waiting to see if she actually has our missing pieces mailed to us. She gave me absolutely no confidence that our vanity will be complete. In fact, as soon as she heard my voice her entire demeanour changed. I DO NOT recommend Crystal Bath Walls in Toronto. They are disrespectful and we received, and are still receiving, the worst customer service I have ever experienced. My fear is that they treat everyone this way, but other customers just take it and forget about it. Or, that they only show respect based on how much money you are spending. Clearly, our measly bathroom vanity was not worth their time.

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Crystal Bath

2839 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1M 1N2, Canada
(416) 261-6199