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135 Leyton Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1L 3V3, Canada

(416) 702-5874



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Great quote, excellent job, came in with excitement performed great work in little time and left with a smile. Had the whole main floor painted, the girls covered up all the couches and appliances and no paint stains were present

We decided to paint our living room and entry hallway and to hire a professional to help us with the job. We were recommended the Painter Girls by some neighbours, got a quote which seemed affordable and got booked the job. This company is anything but professional! The one thing we cannot take away from them is they fit us in relatively quickly during a busy period for painters. However, the one girl came and committed to painting the two spaces as planned. She freehanded the entire job and at the end of day 1 she was "finished" with one of the rooms ( even though she did not paint the bedroom doors which are part of this space and were written into our contract). However, the trim was visibly wavy on the walls throughout the space, visible even at a distance. We mentioned this to the painted on day 2 of the job, and she corrected it, but then left mid-day, saying that she would return another time to do the hallway because she did not feel she had time to finish in the afternoon. When we tried to reschedule with the "scheduler" we were told that we would be put on the wait list, and when we asked to be scheduled firmly even if it had to be a later date, we were told that they did not think they were the right painters for us.

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Painter Girls

135 Leyton Avenue, Scarborough, ON M1L 3V3, Canada
(416) 702-5874