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5230 Finch E, Toronto, ON M1S 4Z9, Canada

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About 8 years ago we were refinishing the kitchen. We had looked everywhere for glass tiles of a certain quality and look. Most of the merchants we visited had very limited inventories and their selection did not intersect with our taste.We did some further research about other potential sources, and "stumbled" on Vitroceram. It was not very far from where we lived and we paid them a visit.We met with Annika who was both charming and helpful. She did, however, inform us that they only dealt with the trade and with retail stores. We were invited to look around and we were blown away by the selection, variety, and quantity of glass tiles. The largest majority of the tiles were manufactured in Canada (surprise!) and they were gorgeous.Annika invited us to shop since we had taken the trouble to find Vitroceram. We found just the perfect tiles for our backsplash. The service was friendly and impeccable and it left us extremely happy clients.A couple of weeks ago we had our windows replaced and a few of the tiles were damaged. We contacted Vitroceram and they were tremendously helpful. The indefatigable Annika check their warehouse in case they had some in stock. She then proceeded to make sure the tiles were still being produced (they were), and then ordered the replacements we needed.A few days later we picked up the tiles and we could not be happier with the product, price or service. The Vitroceram team is the best! We will definitely go back again.

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Vitroceram Inc

5230 Finch E, Toronto, ON M1S 4Z9, Canada
(416) 293-0012