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Had I rated this contractor at the start and midpoint of our 3-phase concrete project I would have given them 5 stars but unfortunately it was the end of the project and the unfinished agreed upon work that brought them down to 1 star. Everything was good until the contractor lost money in the 2nd phase due to a failed pumper and decided to not return to complete the last phase of our project (in which we discussed and confirmed on several occasions that he would return). After months of calling, emailing, texting Tim the owner to find out when they would return to complete the job, I was provided fake promises. Had the owner simply told me the truth instead of leading us on for months that he would be coming week after week I would have understood or slowly accepted the reality but the lies I find unprofessional. And not fulfilling an agreed upon contract of work, in my opinion as an engineer, is also unprofessional; especially when we were willing to pay extra for them returning to complete the last phase. When looking at their website about Honesty, Reliable, Professional, Responsible, Trustworthy...I can't say that these values held true for them in our situation. Unfortunately I referred them to people before the issues arose...they can be assured that they will never get a referral nor a good rating from me again.

Tim and his crew do fantastic work. The patio we had done looks almost like natural stone. There were no cracks or imperfections worth noting, the slope and rounded edges all look perfect and the coloring looks great. In addition to the patio, we had a garage pad poured and it was also done well. A slight mistake was made against my specifications, but Tim owned up to it and fixed it at his cost without much delay. Overall, a positive experience. I would recommend his work to anyone I know.

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11240 Braniff Green SW, Calgary, AB T2W 1S1, Canada
(403) 606-6520