How to Use Google Forms for Your Classroom

Joey Black 2017-01-24 14:00:00

Google Forms was recently updated, and some new features have been added. These new features make it possible to use it in the classroom, in ways you never considered. Here are some of the most recent changes and how you can use Forms in class.

Get an email when your students submit forms.

Before the update, you had to go into the form or spreadsheet of your results to see if there were new submissions to a form. Now all you have to do is choose to have Forms email you when you get a new submission. This is good for forms you don’t use a lot, and to use when most of your submissions have come in and you’re just waiting on a few stragglers.

Classroom Idea:

Make a “late work submission” form. Assignment collection options won’t notify you when you get late work submitted, so if you create a form for that, with the email notifications on, you can receive notifications. You can also use it for absent students.

Work your way through student responses to assignments, quizzes, and surveys much faster.
It’s a lot easier to view responses in Google Forms. Now they’re all put together in the form editor under the “responses” tab. You can look at a summary of answers or click through each one.

You can still look at the results in spreadsheet view, but that isn’t automatically created. You have to click the little green screenshot icon to create one.

Use add-ons and scripts.

This was just added with new Google Forms. These allow you to add new functions to your Forms for your own needs. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner and click on “Get add-ons…” or “Script editor…”.

You won’t likely use the script editor unless you have some to copy into a form or write code, but anyone can use add-ons.

Classroom Idea:

Add math equations to your Forms with the g(Math) add-on.

Make great-looking forms with themes and templates.

If you’re not certain about how you want to make your Form, check to see if there’s already one created that you can use. There is a library of templates you can use. Some of the templates available are T-shirt sign up, Contact info, Assessment, Exit ticket, Course evaluation, and Worksheet, among others.

You can customize your forms by clicking the paint palette icon in the top right-hand corner. Choose a colour or click the photo icon in the bottom right-hand corner to choose a theme. Or you can upload a photo to create a theme. Learn more about mobile forms at the ProntoForms website.

Create and grade a test or quiz with Flubaroo.

You can host your tests, quizzes, and other assessments with Google Forms and then auto grade the closed-ended questions with Flubaroo with the responses in a spreadsheet. Flubaroo is an add-on for teachers who use Google Forms.

Create a digital sign-out sheet.

If you need a quick and easy way to track your students as they leave and return to class, create a Form where they log in their name and destination, as well as if they are leaving or returning. Their submission will be timestamped in spreadsheet view so they don’t have to write the time, and they can’t fudge with the return time.

Make a flipped classroom assessment. Create a form, add a YouTube video, add questions after to gauge their understanding, and deliver the form to your students.

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